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"Fear is an excellent motivator. Fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of death. Fear. It pushes us beyond perceived boundaries and into the abyss."

From a work in progress

Welcome to My Lair

Beware all ye who enter these virtual walls.  Do not let the bright, cheerul exterior fool you.  A dark mind lurks within.


Honestly, I'm not all that evil.  Just a little bit.  I am very happy that you have stumbled across my site.  I invite you to explore and get to know me a little better.


For starters, I'm a writer.  Pictured is my writing nook*.


Find out more by perusing the links above!

Quote of the Month

"Find someone who loves you the way my girlfriend pushes me off a cliff. Without hesitation. With full confidence in your abilities, with the rock-steady belief that your relationship can handle it, and with complete faith that when you come out of the water, assuming you survive, you will totally forgive them for the push. Almost certainly forgive them. Probably.

Bonus points if you find someone with enough chutzpah to say Bon Voyage while they do it.”


Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Chalice of the Gods

*Cabinets and desk custom designed and built by Gary Borman (my Dad), who also designed and installed the floor.

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