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Garnets and Guardians


Bailey Donovan is a thirteen-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with a life-changing disease, Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.  On top of that, she is forced to move to a new town to be close to a hospital that specializes in the muscular dystrophies.  As if all of this isn’t bad enough, Bailey stumbles upon the hospital’s dirty little secret, which throws her life further into chaos and raises questions about her origins that only her grandmother can seem to answer.  Follow Bailey into the abyss as she juggles family life, physical challenges, and dark secrets.

The Last Rider


Ky Reinholdt is an average, if somewhat of a loner, seventeen-year-old in a small town in far west Texas.  He's a klutz, with no friends, who works in his dad's diner and rebuilds things in a small shack out back when he's not blowing up the chem. lab at school (it was an accident!).  Life is quiet and mostly peaceful until someone tries to kill him.  From that day on, he's dragged into a world of secrets and war where everyone seems to know his name.  To top it all off, a creepy man Ky meets in the school basement refuses to leave his side and doesn't know the meaning of personal space.  Can Ky survive until his 18th birthday?  And what happens then?

Short Stories

The Key to the Kink


Michelle is stuck in a rut.  One day, while waiting tables in her abusive father's diner in their small southern town, she meets a handsome young man of the punk persuasion who steals her heart.  He whisks her away to his hidden mansion where he gives her the world.  The only caveat being that she never enter the room in the basement.  What's in the room?  Can she curb her curiosity?  What happens if she can't?  A re-telling of Bluebeard unlike any other.


The Parade


On an island off the coast of a hidden town in Maine, there sits a graveyard.  Only townspeople who have died from suspicious circumstances get placed there.  Every year during the first new moon of summer, the residents of the graveyard rise to take their revenge.  What happens when a young boy, Freddie, finds himself buried there, but can't remember how he died?  One boy's struggle to find his past, fit into his present, and follow his heart unearths secrets some prefer to keep buried.  Based loosely on "Skeletons on Parade" by Ludo.

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